Engineering Fit-For-Purpose Dyneema® Ropes for the Stiesdal TetraSpar Demonstrator

Binay Patel, Technology & Business Development Manager, Americas, DSM
The recently installed Stiesdal TetraSpar Demonstrator is the world’s first fully industrialized offshore wind floating foundation. For this project, customized fit-for-purpose Dyneema® ropes were engineered for various functions including structural light weighting, mooring, and deployment. Structural keel lines as well as deployment ropes were produced by Dynamica Ropes. GAMA98® mooring lines were produced by Lankhorst Ropes. Stiesdal, Dynamica Ropes, Lankhorst Ropes and DSM utilized new engineering methods to design and assure the performance of the ropes for their intended functions. The engineering methods have been developed by DSM and assessed by DNV for determining the bending lifetime, fatigue lifetime and system holding capacity for offshore applications. In this presentation, an overview of the engineering methods will be provided along with their utility for lowering the LCOE for Stiesdal’s TetraSpar Demonstrator.