The Importance of Proven Quality and Experience over Opportunistic Initiatives

Bruno G. Geschier, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, BW Ideol
The exponential increase of floating wind articles in the press throughout 2021 is a reason to rejoice as it symbolizes the hard work and results achieved by a handful of pioneers. Like any burgeoning industry, opportunities arise and opportunism – when in the right hands - can lead to industry-accelerating innovations and breakthroughs. Opportunism can unfortunately also lead to industry-damaging misconceptions and/or confusion in the eyes of investors and key decisionmakers. Time has come to set some records straight and make sure that this industry is tackling its tremendous growth potential on solid foundations (no pun intended). Time has come to take note of the experience acquired by stakeholders that have been doing this for years and have been involved in putting real projects in the water. Time has come to progress without trying to reinvent the wheel or without wasting valuable time demystifying opportunistic shortcuts. Subjects ranging from environmental issues to hull materials, from key components to serial fabrication and decommissioning, from redundancy to contractual set-ups, from environmental conditions to wind turbine sizes, etc. will be addressed.