Accelerating the Deployment of Full-scale Floating Offshore Wind Farm – A Class Society’s Perspective

Dr. Qing YU, Director, ABS
Floating offshore wind has been evolving from concept proof and pilot projects towards utility-scale commercial wind farms. The experience accumulated over the last fifteen years from the design, fabrication, installation, and operation has laid a solid foundation to accelerate the deployment of large floating offshore wind farms. Significant research efforts focusing on the challenges for floating wind farms have contributed to and will support the technology innovation that can make the floating offshore wind more cost competitive. The proposed presentation will provide the perspective of classification society and certification body toward the technology innovation and asset safety. Emphasis will be given to the standard development and classification/certification process that can support the industry’s implementation of innovative solutions for the key assets of floating offshore wind farms, such as the concurrent optimization of floating substructures and wind turbines and data-driven technologies to facilitate maintenance and inspection of floating offshore wind farm.