Keynote: Installing Floating Turbines - The Role of AHTS in an Emerging MarketKeynote :

Inger-Louise Molver, Shipbroker & Analyst - Renewables, Pareto Shipbrokers AS
Overview of floating wind installations done to date - what vessels were used, what lessons were learned. How will this be scaled up? For larger fields with larger turbines, how many vessels will be needed? Projections on this and where the bottlenecks will come and when! Overview of existing fleet inc. newbuilds: Do we go big (subsea/construction vessel) or can we stay small (array of smaller tugs) - pros and cons and lessons learned form existing fields. Forecasts on demand for the fleet in the wider sense - and how this will impact on supply constraints for vessels for floating wind. The ideal vessel - is there one? large deck, bollard pull requirement, winches, accommodation levels, W2W capability. Will these vessels be required for the O&M phase - particularly if the substructures need towed to port?