The Importance of Early Floating Wind Demonstration Projects

Mikael Jakobsson, Founder and Chairman, Floventis (CIERCO & SBM jv)
California is facing a lease process in 2022 for potentially 4.7GW. Given jobs targets and expectation require local fabrication to be competitive, where site bidding award is based on highest site bidder basis (lowest project cost), this does not provide trajectory to reach targets and expectations. Instead lower cost import solutions will very likely be the case.

However, early State water projects some 5 year ahead of any construction of projects in Federal waters can provide key opportunities for local industry, technology introductions and hence provide for both readiness and competitive environment, opening the doors to generate and maximize the job creations, but also create a competitive market with multiple technologies lowering LCOE.

The 60MW CADEMO project by Floventis, a joint venture between CIERCO and SBM Offshore is just such a project. Presentation will elaborate on these values and gaps to reach these goals and targets, where if no such Demonstration project is possible, California and its industry will be hit cold with GW deployments, both for industry, environmental impact and without social introduction. Missing key targets and objectives by State and Federal government may cause adverse interest in this promising opportunity if we dont take necessary precautions. The presentation will also elaborate on these components.