Integrating Floating Wind with Energy Storage to Decarbonize Offshore Oil & Gas Installations

Saverio Ventrelli, Global Head of Sales - Offshore BESS, Siemens Energy AS
In recent years, the idea of using renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind, to provide green power to offshore O&G installations has garnered significant interest. However, many hurdles have stood in the way of making this a reality. Arguably the biggest impediment has been an inability on the part of end-users to justify investments in the deployment of fixed wind turbines and supporting infrastructure. The inherent intermittency and unpredictability of power generation from wind also presents power stability issues and makes return on investment (ROI) difficult to quantify. The latter can put overall project economics at risk. This presentation will focus on how these challenges can be addressed by combining floating wind turbines with energy storage (such as lithium-ion batteries) and grid converters to create offshore microgrids that can feed power to one or more offshore O&G assets. The presentation will also discuss possibilities for integrating green hydrogen production to create larger (in time) energy storage which would open up opportunities for even deeper decarbonization of drilling and/or production activities.