Offgrid/Ongrid Offshore Green Hydrogen Production & Wind Farm

Stephane Taxy, Vice President Operations, DORIS Group
Our planet is facing major challenges, such as climate change, that can be solved by bringing new solutions for producing and using energy. In this frame, we are observing a large-scale development of renewables energies, which are intermittent and difficult to predict. Ensuring the potential of renewables is used and developed as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to develop innovative solutions for flexibility and storage. Hydrogen made from water electrolysis is a solution for these matters, as it can be stored and transferred to the point of usage, where energy is needed.

LHYFE and DORIS developed an optimized solution to combine power generation using wind turbines and hydrogen production from seawater on a unique floating unit, called NereHyd. On one side, LHYFE has developed a highly optimized process for Hydrogen production with smart control. On the other side, DORIS ensures optimal integration of the process on its proprietary floating wind turbine, NereWind.

This paper presents the NereHydT concept, highlighting potential optimizations for Off-grid scenarios. Various large scale development scenarios, such as Offgrid/Ongrid farms and centralized/distributed hydrogen production, are presented for the sake of comparison. It confirms that NereHyd is a good enabler for large scale green hydrogen production in various configuration, especially all the locations where wind is present but not electrical grid.

DORIS aims at engineering the solutions of tomorrow to provide the sustainable energy our clients need. As a major actor in the energy sector, we contribute to provide cleaner energy. LHYFE designs, builds and operates renewable hydrogen production facilities. LHYFE’s team is composed of experts in hydrogen from innovation and research fields. In addition to the existing onshore facilities, LHYFE is deploying its industrial process offshore to provide a solution for a growing demand.