Mooring and Power Cable Solutions for US West Coast Deep Waters

Yusuf Arikan, 2H Offshore
As US West Coast is being opened to offshore wind developments, the near-shore water depths will be prohibitively deep for fixed foundations such as monopiles and jackets. Floating foundations will be the key solution in harnessing offshore wind energy in US West Coast. The initial floating wind projects around the world are predominantly planned for shallower near-shore water depths. Synthetic ropes such as polyester and nylon are generally chosen over chain due to their more compliant and flexible characteristic in shallow waters. However, in deep waters the flexibility in the mooring system can result in excessive foundation movements which can impede power cable design and may cause foundation clashes in storm and/or accidental conditions. This presentation will review potential mooring solutions for a 15MW floating foundation for deep waters of US West Coast considering synthetic ropes in a taut mooring configuration and identify feasible power cable configurations to meet the offset challenges. A case study will be demonstrated that evaluates the technical feasibility, design challenges and total installed cost of the mooring and power cable systems.