Emilie Reeve

EVP Offshore Wind, Havfram
Emilie Reeve has worked at the cutting edge of offshore wind for over a decade and has a wealth of experience in the global offshore wind market. Predominantly she has advised various government ministries, offshore wind developers and development banks on their strategies for developing, accelerating and entering existing and emerging offshore wind markets. With achievements including being Technical Director to The Crown Estate for offshore wind Round 4 lease, Technical lead to METI on Japanese offshore wind Round 1 lease, and advised The World Bank and Colombian Ministry of Energy on developing an offshore wind industry.

Emilie also holds a strong track record in offshore wind technology R&D, supporting the commercialisation of innovative technology aimed at reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for offshore wind. At present Emilie leads Havfram’s offshore wind development activities, having previously held the position of Director & EMEA Business Development & Strategy Lead at the Renewables Consulting Group, as well as Director of the Board of Directors of the US National Offshore Wind Research & Development Consortium.