Floating Wind Solutions

“Leveraging the Established Global Offshore Supply Chain”

The exceptional expected growth in the harvesting of Floating Wind Energy will be (reliant) upon the technology and experience of companies historically focused on the offshore construction industry. With few exceptions these companies are the only ones who have ever designed, constructed or installed permanently moored structures of any kind. 

In addition, there are strong indications that the traditional Major Offshore energy Operators will be major investors, developers and operators of Floating Wind Energy Projects. These majors have a thorough capability, financial strength and long time experience in bringing long lead time, logistically complex developments to a success in close cooperation with the an established and reliable offshore supply chain and are expected to utilise these companies in various cooperations along the newly created Floating Wind Supply Chain. 

Change of attitude towards Solutions

Floating Wind is from point of view of the early stakeholders and traditional supply chain in need of dramatic research & development into technology, such as dynamical power cables, synthetics in moorings that is actually readily available from years of experience in the offshore construction industry. It is not denied that this technology might need adoption to specific technological demand, but here too the offshore supply chain has proved to overcome challenges that used to be considered ‘unsurmountable’. This is the same supply chain that took cost from $80bbl down to $35

Floating Wind is by many seen as an essentially required acceleration element to reach carbon and other goals in the shortest possible time. This acceleration is best created by intense cooperation and understanding best in class companies on both sides of the value chain. Floating Wind Solutions aims at show casing the many capabilities of the OCSC to thefloating wind developers, from utility background as well as from the energy industry. It will create a platform for bridging demand and supply in support of a fast development of this industry.

Floating Winds Solutions is the ultimate opportunity for those who are in, or seek entry into Floating Wind and to get to know the people, the experience and the offerings available.